The Danishman is a supervillain and a crime lord who first appeared in the 2012 film Jsmboinick And The Crime Lords Of The City, portrayed by Lucas Jakobsen.

The Danishman

Real Name:



Crime lord, Ghoulmaster Enterprises employee.


Ghoulmaster Enterprises.



First Appearance:

Jsmboinick And The Crime Lords Of The City ( 2012 )

Portrayed By:

Lucas Jakobsen.

The Danishman used to be an employee of the Ghoulmaster at Ghoulmaster Enterprises. After the Ghoulmaster dies at the end of the first film, the company was in his and Lord Humphrey´s hands.

After Humphrey´s death, Danishman ran away to the third district of Playa Blanca City, Danishtown. Jsmboinick tracked him down.


Danishman about to kill one of his henchmen, for letting him down.

He then fought Jsmboinick in an arena.


Fighting the Danishman in an arena.

He seemed to be winning at first, but later he got beaten by Jsmboinick, stabbed in the shoulder bone, and was to be locked away in Lobos Asylum, and humiliated on television.

The End BeginsEdit

A few months/years later, Playa Blanca's new mayor, Scantugo Strange, ordered many of Lobos Asylum's prisoners be put behind an electric fence, splitting the Main District in half. It's possible that Danishman was one of those prisoners. After the destruction of PB Tower, Danishman probably carried on living behind the fence, unless a new mayor came and put them back in Lobos again. So basically, Danishman is the only surviving villain in the Jsmboinick saga.