Scantugo Strange was the corrupt mayor of Playa Blanca City and the main villain in both parts of Jsmboinick: The End Begins - Part 2. He was portrayed by Jack Verdera.

The Final BattleEdit

In The End Begins - Part 1, he was elected as the new mayor of Playa Blanca City, as reported by PB News political correspondent Nicky Mail. Later, after his election, Scantugo moved the majority of Lobos Asylum's prisoners to the Main District, putting them behind an electric fence, but there were still some civilians stuck behind the fence, including the vigilante Jsmboinick. What Scantugo really wanted was to trap the civilians, the prisoners where used as puppets to grab the attention of the news. After this, he sent two members of his Armed Forces, Hashashin and Killer Shot to retrieve a powerful mega-suit. They acquire it, but Hashashin betrays and kills Killer Shot, and takes the mega-suit for himself. He then sent his soldiers to bomb Jsmboinick's apartment.


He and Ghoulmaster captured the police commissioner, Jimmy Blackfriar, who was clearly against Scantugo. Ghoulmaster strapped him to a wooden chair and tortured him, while Scantugo waited patiently for Jsmboinick to come rescue the commissioner. When Jsmboinick arrived, Scantugo finally revealed himself to the vigilante, and told him about his defence group and his plan. Scantugo listened as Jsmboinick threatened him. But then, Knightman unexpectedly appears and takes Scantugo down from behind.


Knightman, taking down Mayor Strange from behind.

This move alerts Ghoulmaster, who shoots the hostage.

When Ghoulmaster activates the self-destruct sequence, Scantugo, Ghoulmaster and maybe Knightman ( his fate is unknown ) die in the destruction of PB Tower.


After Mayor Strange's death, it is unknown if the authorities remove the electric fence, or if the prisoners are sent back to Lobos Asylum. In the future, the city's history books would probably refer to Scantugo as a "wicked terrorist" and a "true criminal", since the city would despise him and wish he never existed after that.