Playa Blanca City is the city were the vigilante Jsmboinick operates and lives. It appears in every film, and is where every story in the Jsmboinick films takes place ( except Jsmboinick And Knightman, where it's mostly set in Corralejo City.

Districts Edit

The city has five big districts, all with their different characteristics. They are quite a far away from each other, so people tend to use the subway to travel from district to district. All districts except Burton have one subway station.

  • Main District: The main area of the city and the home of Jsmboinick.
  • Foxville (formerly named Cloudfall): The poorest and the smallest of all districts. There is only one village in Foxville and the rest of the homes are just farms. In the prequel Jsmboinick: Cloudfall, it is were most of the story takes place. It was called Cloudfall, until it was renamed Foxville sometime inbetween Jsmboinick and Jsmboinick Returns.
  • Danishtown: The coldest district of all of the districts, The Danishman lives here.
  • Destown: The driest district of all of them. It is the district with most population because of tourism and strangely the airport is there, when it should be in the Main District.
  • Burton: The district with the least population, because it decreased in the Great Playa Blanca War, which happened in 1915. In Burton they illegaly train kids to hunt and use guns, Killer Shot was one of those kids.

Location Edit

It's on an island, in the north or south. Through the fog you can see Corralejo City, which is on another big island. Corralejo and Playa Blanca are separated by the bocayna. The continent in which both cities/islands are located is unknown. The names of the islands are also unknown.