Lord Humphrey is a supervillain and a crime lord who first appeared in the 2012 film Jsmboinick And The Crime Lords Of The City, portrayed by Aston Wyatt.

Lord Humphrey

Real Name:

Lord Humphrey


Crime Lord, Ghoulmaster Enterprises employee.


Ghoulmaster Enterprises.



First Appearance:

Jsmboinick And The Crime Lords Of The City ( 2012 )

Portrayed By:

Aston Wyatt

Lord Humphrey was originally just one of Ghoulmaster's employees at Ghoulmaster Enterprises. After the Ghoulmaster died at the end of the first film, the company was in the hands of Lord Humphrey and the Danishman, who were Ghoulmaster's most trusted employees.

Humphrey, according to commissioner Blackfriar, had been chased down by the cops, and he went hiding in Bahía Real Mansion. Jsmboinick went to Humphrey's mansion, where they had a battle.


Lord Humphrey´s fighting pose

Little did they know, that a bomb was going to go off! Jsmboinick ran away right when the bomb was going to explode, but Humphrey had no time, and got squashed by the debris of the mansion, and died.

The End BeginsEdit

Lord Humphrey appears in flashbacks, in the scene where Jsmboinick jumps off the ledge of PB Tower.