Killer Shot AKA Dick Grayson Randalf is a supervillain and an assasin-for-hire who first appeared in the 2012 film Jsmboinick Returns, portrayed by Nick Pedersen.

Killer Shot

Real Name:

Dick Randalf


Mercenary, assassin-for-hire.




Knightman ( twin brother )


Sniper rifle, handgun.

First Appearance:

Jsmboinick Returns ( 2012 )

Portrayed By:

Nick Pedersen

Early LifeEdit

Dick Randalf was the twin brother of Jason Randalf. His parents were brutally murdered by his uncle, the Black Shopper. When his parents were killed, his brother Jason went to an orphanage, while Dick was illegaly taken to be trained to hunt and use guns in Burton, one of the five districts of Playa Blanca City.

While training, his best friend accidentaly shot Dick´s eye out, forcing him to wear the black pirate patch, scarring him mentally for the rest of his life. Years later, his brother Jason moved on and became a vigilante called Knightman. Dick, full of hatred, decided to take on a new life of crime. He burnt his passport, bought a sniper rifle, deleted all traces to his identity on the internet, and renamed himself Killer Shot.

In Jsmboinick ReturnsEdit

Killer Shot is now a mercenary and a hired assassin who tries to shoot down Jsmboinick with a sniper rifle, but misses. He later gets chased down an alley by Jsmboinick, but he manages to get out of his sight.

Later, he is confronted by Jsmboinick at a wasteground, with a hostage held at gunpoint, but he is finally beaten by Jsmboinick with a shuriken-like gadget called a Jsmrang.

Later, he gets taken away and imprisoned at Lobos Asylum, a lunatic asylum located on a deserted island.


Killer Shot being chased by Jsmboinick.


Killer Shot defeated.


Killer Shot imprisoned at Lobos Asylum.

Meeting Jason Again Edit

When the mayor of Foxville came to Corralejo City, Killer Shot escaped from the asylum and tried to kill the mayor with his new advanced suit given to him by the Black Shopper.
Killer Shot newsuit

Killer Shot in his new technology suit.

Even though, he is stopped by his brother Jason, now the vigilante Knightman, and left handcuffed on the floor.


Killer Shot and his friend Hashashin were on a mission in Danishtown to retrieve a powerful mega-suit from some guards. Hashashin killed all the guards and retrieved the mega-suit, while Killer Shot waited. Hashashin returned with the mega-suit, but then Hashashin stabbed Killer Shot with his hidden blade, the reason, Hashashin wanted the suit just for himself. Just as he was about to die, Killer Shot said he thought they were both friends, Hashashin said they never were, they were just work partners.


Killer Shot being stabbed by his former friend, Hashashin.



  • Expert marksman: When it comes to snipers, he is the best of the best. He is known to almost never miss a shot. The one person who made him miss is Jsmboinick.
  • Expert Fighter: Killer Shot is an expert fighter and combatant. He has trained in 3 different types of martial arts.


  • Missing Eye: Killer Shot lost his left eye in junior target practice when he was a kid. Because of this, he probably struggles with keeping a good aim when it comes to sniper kills.