The film´s theatrical poster.

Jsmboinick Returns is a superhero film created by Zebcast Studios. It is the second Zebcast Studios original movie and the second film of the Jsmboinick saga.  


The film begins with Jsmboinick narrating about how his life feels being a public hero, and that there haven´t been any big supervillains around since the death of Ghoulmaster. Then, a missile strikes at Jsmboinick, though he survives.

Later that day, at the local diving platform, Jsmboinick befriends the new commissioner, Jimmy Blackfriar. Jsmboinick tells him that he has been Playa Blanca City´s hero for a year.

After that, at the local plaza, a sniper tries to shoot down Jsmboinick, but fails. Jsmboinick chases him through an alley, but loses sight of him when he turns round a corner. Jsmboinick scans the sniper´s handgun that he dropped, revealing that he has no real name, but that everyone calls him Killer Shot.

At home, Nick invents a gadget that he could use to affect and damage Killer Shot´s armor plating, called the Jsmrang.

At a wasteground, Jsmboinick faces Killer Shot for the second time, who has a hostage who he is about to kill, but Jsmboinick thinks fast and uses his Jsmrang on Killer Shot, badly injuring him and saving the hostage.

That evening, Jsmboinick meets Blackfriar, who tells Jsmboinick that there´s a new villain in Playa Blanca City called Lord Humphrey, who has taken over Ghoulmaster Enterprises. The film ends with Blackfriar telling him to just do the best he can.


  • Aydan Woodward - Jsmboinick/Nick, the main protagonist of the film. He has served the city as their hero for a year. He must now take on Killer Shot, a hired assassin.
  • Nick Pedersen - Killer Shot, the main antagonist of the film. He tries to assault and kill Jsmboinick.
  • Jack Verdera - Commissioner Jimmy Blackfriar, the new commissioner in Playa Blanca City and an ally of Jsmboinick.
  • Clara Pedersen portrays a hostage.

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