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Jsmboinick And The Crime Lords Of The City is a superhero film created by Zebcast Studios. It is the third Zebcast Studios original movie and the third film in the Jsmboinick saga.


The film begins with Jsmboinick narrating about the crime lords of Playa Blanca City who are the successors of Ghoulmaster, Lord Humphrey and the Danishman. Recently, Humphrey has been blowing up local banks.

Later that day, Jsmboinick meets commissioner Jimmy Blackfriar at the police department, where Blackfriar gives Jsmboinick a paper with Lord Humphrey´s status on it, and tells Jsmboinick him ( Blackfriar ) and his squad have been chasing Humphrey, and he was last seen in " Bahía Real Mansion ", which is where Jsmboinick goes to find him.

Jsmboinick arrives at the mansion and finds Humphrey there, and they fight. Jsmboinick sees a bomb that is due to blow, and tells Blackfriar, who was also there, to get the people to safety. Right when the bomb is about to blow, Jsmboinick runs away, and a pile of rubble lands on Humphrey, killing him.

Jsmboinick now has to track down the Danishman, and suspects he is in the third district of Playa Blanca City, Danishtown. He then takes the subway to another district. He gets out his iPod and sees he is in the second district, Foxville, and gets out a map to see where Danishtown is.

Jsmboinick arrives at the Danishman´s hideout, saves a hostage, takes down many of the Danishman´s guards, until one guard takes Jsmboinick down from behind.

Jsmboinick is forced to fight in an arena in some illegal criminal games, and his opponent is the Danishman himself. After a long fight, Jsmboinick wins, and defeats Danishman by stabbing a knife into his shoulder bone. Jsmboinick declares Ghoulmaster´s company is finished.


  • Aydan Woodward - Jsmboinick/Nick, the main protagonist of the film. He must now take on two enemies, the crime lords of the city, who are the successors of Ghoulmaster
  • Jack Verdera - Commissioner Jimmy Blackfriar, the commissioner of Playa Blanca City and the closest ally of Jsmboinick,
  • Aston Wyatt - Lord Humphrey, the first of the two crime lords Jsmboinick has to face. His half burned face is a reference to Two Face.
  • Lucas Jakobsen - The Danishman, the second of the two crime lords Jsmboinick has to face. He looks similar to a viking.
  • Nick Pedersen portrays the Danishman´s thugs.
  • Clara Pedersen portrays a hostage.

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