The film´s theatrical poster.

Jsmboinick And Knightman is a superhero film created by Zebcast Studios. It is the fourth Zebcast Studios original movie and the fourth film of the Jsmboinick saga.

Plot Edit

Jsmboinick tells the audience his latest mission: to escort the hated mayor of Playa Blanca's second district ( Foxville ) to another city via ferry. Corralejo City.

After Jsmboinick arrives at Corralejo City's harbour, he meets Blackfriar. The commissioner tells him to go and protect the mayor. Killer Shot, escaped from Lobos Asylum, intends to kill the mayor with his sniper rifle. While the assassin is preparing himself, he is defeated by a mysterious character.

Jsmboinick comes to stop Killer Shot, only to find the assassin handcuffed on the floor. He spots a hooded man escaping. The vigilante stops him by throwing a Remote Control Jsmrang. Jsmboinick interrogates him, discovering his name is Knightman and that he is a vigilante, like Jsmboinick.

They later sat down on a bench and discussed each other's past life, becoming friends. Knightman shows Jsmboinick an iPod Touch he stole from a girl years ago, and that they can track down his evil uncle, Black Shopper, with it.

Jsmboinick finds Black Shopper. Knightman orders Jsmboinick to go. Knightman and Black Shopper have an argument before Black Shopper encourages Knightman to kill him. However, Knightman doesn´t kill him, but leaves him to be destroyed by a bomb.

After being welcomed back to Playa Blanca City by Blackfriar, Jsmboinick contacted Knightman on messenger, but the screen of his computer starts to crackle, and Ghoulmaster appears, in fact alive all this time.


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