Jsmboinick is an original Zebcast Studios film made in 2012 by Nick Pedersen with help from Aydan Zeb.

The film´s theatrical poster.

The film is a superhero/crime film based on a character created by Nick Pedersen and played by Aydan Zeb called Jsmboinick, who is a boy who sees his father shot in front of him, and 4 months later, when a powerful mob boss calling himself the Ghoulmaster rises, becomes a local hero destined to stop this menace.


The film begins with a child and his father walking down an alley, and a mugger appears, who shoots the father and flees. The child, called Nick, weeps over his father's corpse.

4 months later, a mob boss called Ghoulmaster sits at a casino and orders his henchman to steal a diamond. Later, Nick, now living on his own ( because his mother died too ) gets tired of muggers stealing, killing and carrying out Ghoulmaster's orders that he becomes a hero going by the name Jsmboinick ( his father's last, dying words ), destined to protect the citizens of the city. After getting beaten by Jsmboinick, the Ghoulmaster's henchman is killed ( by Ghoulmaster ) for failing him and and goes to kill the hero himself.

After a brief final battle, Jsmboinick rips off the Ghoulmaster's mask, discovering that he was the mugger who killed his ( Jsmboinick's ) father. Ghoulmaster then tosses the hero his handgun, offering him a one and only chance to kill him, though he declines the offer and doesn't kill him, though the dying henchman, who Ghoulmaster shot for failing him, comes crawling to the place where Jsmboinick and Ghoulmaster are, and shoots his old boss with his dying breath. Jsmboinick then leaves the two bodies of Ghoulmaster and the henchman somewhere for the police to find and runs away into the sunset.


Aydan Woodward - Jsmboinick/Nick, the protagonist of the film. A boy who's father was shot, and 4 months later, he becomes a hero called Jsmboinick.

Jack Verdera - Ghoulmaster, the film's main villain, originally a mugger who becomes a crime lord with extreme power over the city.

Nick Pedersen - A gangster, who is Ghoulmaster's henchman. Pedersen also portrays Nick's Muslim father.

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The very first film of the series, Jsmboinick, got a special remaster on it's sixth anniversary in 2018. With better camerawork fixes, more music, flashbacks and reducing unecessary clips.