The film´s theatrical poster.

Jsmboinick: The End Begins - Part 1 is a superhero crime film by Zebcast Studios. It is the sixth installment in the Jsmboinick saga and the first part of the final movie. 


Nick is paying his respects to his father´s gravestone, wondering why he never told Nick he was an MI8 agent. He vows to defeat Ghoulmaster, once and for all.

At home, Nick watches the news, and finds out someone named Scantugo Strange was elected mayor of Playa Blanca City. Later, as Jsmboinick, finds a girl doing graffitti on a wall, and she runs away. He remembers it is the place where his father killed the Tear Bishop years before. Then Knightman meets him there and talks to him for a while.

Jsmboinick visits the Old Playa Blanca Station, and looks around observing the old fashioned automobiles in the shop windows. He sees the graffitti girl again, and chases after her, but he is too tired and lets her escape.

He watches the news and sees Mayor Strange has ordered the city to put a fence in the middle of the city. The " actual " plan was to put prisoners from Lobos Asylum behind the fence, but there are still some civilians stuck behind the fence, including Jsmboinick.

In Danishtown, Killer Shot and his partner Hashashin are trying to steal a special mega-suit. Hashashin kills all the guards one by one with his hidden blade and reaches the guard who has the mega-suit. Hashashin defeats the guard and takes the mega-suit. When he gets back, he kills Killer Shot, believing the suit deserves to be his only.

At Ghoulmaster Enterprises, Ghoulmaster asks an employee if they ( Killer Shot and Hashashin ) acquired the mega-suit, the employee tells Ghoulmaster that Hashasin betrayed Killer Shot, Ghoulmaster is pleased to hear this, saying it was all part of " the plan ".

When Jsmboinick gets home, lots of missiles bomb his home, leaving it in flames.


  • Aydan Woodward - Jsmboinick/Nick Balahama, the film´s main protagonist and the hero of Playa Blanca City. He also plays Hashashin, a proffesional assassin.
  • Nick Pedersen - Knightman/Jason Randalf, a vigilante from Corralejo City and an ally of Jsmboinick. He also plays Killer Shot, another proffessional assassin who starred in previous films, most notably Jsmboinick Returns, and Nicky Mail, a PB News reporter.
  • Jack Verdera - Ghoulmaster, Jsmboinick´s arch-nemesis, who is in hiding.
  • Gary Woodward - a Ghoulmaster Enterprises employee.
  • Clara Pedersen - a girl from the street who meets Jsmboinick.