Jsmboinick: Cloudfall is an original Zebcast Studios film and the fifth film of the Jsmboinick saga. It was released
Cloudfall poster

The film´s theatrical poster.

the 12th of March, 2013. It is a prequel to Jsmboinick.


After solving another crime, Jsmboinick returns to his apartment and finds a letter that his father left him a long time ago. The letter says that if Jsmboinick is 40 or older, he should grab the money that his father left in a hidden black box, go outside, make a fire and burn the money. If he isn´t, then he can keep the money. The letter also reveals that the father was a secret agent.

A year earlier, the father ( agent 002 ) is tasked with finding the corpse of a fellow MI8 agent. The boss changes his mission. His new mission is to eliminate a Chinese drug dealer called Xang Peng, also known as the Tear Bishop, who plans to destroy the city. Then, Tear Bishop shoots 002 with a sleeping dart.

Tear Bishop then tells his guard to kill 002 when he wakes up. 002 wakes up and defeats the guard. Later, Tear Bishop is about to set off the bomb, but 002 fights him and executes him.

When 002 returns from "work", Nick asks him why he is wearing a fake moustache and glasses. The father responds with: "Why don´t we go to Burger King?"

Then, a text appears, saying:

After going to Burger King with his son Nick, 002 was shot and killed by an unknown criminal. Nick would later on become Jsmboinick, the protector of Playa Blanca City, to avenge his father.


Nick Pedersen - 002/Father, the main protagonist and Jsmboinick´s father.

Aydan Woodward - Tear Bishop/Xang Peng, the main antagonist of the film.

Clara Pedersen - Tear Bishop´s guard.

Aydan Woodward - Jsmboinick/Nick, the protector of Playa Blanca City and the son of 002.