Jsmboinick´s Diary.

Jsmboinick´s Diary is the monologue that Jsmboinick narrates at the beggining of nearly every movie, except the first one. 



There haven´t been many super villains around since Ghoulmaster has died. And now, all I fight, are normal thugs, carrying out orders, spreading around the city, killing innocents; and now that is my duty, to protect the innocent.


The crime lords of the city still reign over. It shall be my duty to take down these two menaces: Lord Humphrey and the Danishman. For now I gotta get Lord Humphrey. Since the death of my arch-enemy, the Ghoulmaster, Lord Humphrey became the CEO of Ghoulmaster Enterprises, which is Ghoulmaster´s company. And now, Humphrey´s blowing up local banks. This is horrifying. I gotta talk to Jimmy Blackfriar about it.


Jimmy Blackfriar has now told me a brand new thing I have to do. The mayor of Foxville has been acting quite crappy recently, so I have to make sure he gets on the ferry to Corralejo City, which is exactly on that island over there. Make sure he gets there safely, no one tries to kill him, and no assassination attempts happen. Because if something does happen, me and Blackfriar will be held responsible.