Jimmy Blackfriar is the police commissioner in Playa Blanca City and is an ally of the superhero Jsmboinick.

He first appeared in the 2012 film Jsmboinick Returns, portrayed by Jack Verdera.

Jimmy Blackfriar

Real Name:

Jimmy Blackfriar


Police commissioner.


Playa Blanca Police, Jsmboinick.

First Appearance:

Jsmboinick Returns ( 2012 )

Portrayed By:

Jack Verdera

Jimmy Blackfriar first meets Jsmboinick at the local diving platform, where they become friends.

Later on in the second film, when Jsmboinick captures the villain Killer Shot, Blackfriar tells Jsmboinick about Lord Humphrey, a new villain in Playa Blanca City.


Commissioner Blackfriar tried to help Jsmboinick defeat Lord Humphrey and the Danishman in any way. He and Jsmboinick had a meeting at the police building to discuss about Humphrey´s actions. He told Jsmboinick Humphrey´s whereabouts and gave him a paper with the crime lord´s status on it.


Blackfriar talking to Jsmboinick at the police building.

Blackfriar also went with Jsmboinick to Bahía Real Mansion to stop Humphrey. Blackfriar saved many lives while the bomb was going to blow.


Blackfriar saved many lives while the bomb was going to blow.

After Humphrey´s death, the commissioner is not seen again. It could be possible he returned to the police department to find out information about Ghoulmaster Enterprises.

In Jsmboinick And KnightmanEdit

Blackfriar appears very little in the fourth film. He only appears near the start, when he talks to Jsmboinick in Corralejo City, then near the end, back in Playa Blanca, when he congratulates him for saving Corralejo City.


Meeting Jsmboinick in Corralejo City.


Blackfriar was being held hostage by the Ghoulmaster and Mayor Scantugo Strange. Jsmboinick went up PB Tower to stop Ghoulmaster, but had no idea that Blackfriar was being held hostage. He arrived, and saw Blackfriar strapped to a wooden chair, and Ghoulmaster pointing a gun at his head. Blackfriar watched the entire conversation in panic. He was fine for a while, but it changed when Knightman arrived and took the Mayor down from behind. That move alerted Ghoulmaster, who shot and killed Blackfriar. Jsmboinick greatest friend and ally, gone.


Commissioner Blackfriar, seconds before he is shot by Ghoulmaster.

After ThatEdit

After the destruction of the tower, the news of Blackfriar's death spread throughout the city. Because Blackfriar was probably Playa Blanca City's greatest ever police commissioner, the National Playa Blanca Museum built a statue of him in the Main Hall.