Real Name:



Mercenary, assassin.




Hidden Blade, Electric Shock Mine.

First Appearance:

Jsmboinick: The End Begins - Part 1

Portrayed By:

Aydan Woodward

Hashashin is a mercenary and an assassin-for-hire who first appeared in Jsmboinick: The End Begins - Part 1, portrayed by Aydan Woodward. 

In The End BeginsEdit

Hashashin and another fellow assassin, Killer Shot, were on a mission in Danishtown to retrieve a powerful mega-suit from some guards. Hashashin kills all the guards with his hidden blade in a first-person view, while Killer Shot waits for him.

Hashashin returns with the mega-suit, but then stabs Killer Shot, believing the suit deserves to be for him, not for Killer Shot. As he falls to the floor dying, he says to Hashashin he thought they were friends, Hashashin says they never were, only work partners.


Killer Shot being stabbed by his former friend, Hashashin.

The Final BattleEdit

When Jsmboinick is about to reach the top floor, he bumps into Hashashin, who fights him. Hashashin nearly kills Jsmboinick, but the hero strikes back and throws him over the balcony.


Jsmboinick fighting Hashashin on the way to the top floor.

Hashashin somehow survived the balcony fall, and fights Knightman on the ground floor. Knightman defeats him in combat. Hashashin summons a jet to crash onto Knightman. Knightman dodges the incoming jet however, and it hits Hashashin instead, killing the assassin.