Black Shopper is a supervillain and a black market racketeer who first appeared in the film Jsmboinick And Knightman, portrayed by Nick Pedersen.

Black Shopper

Real Name:



Black market racketeer


Killer Shot, Knightman.



First Appearance:

Jsmboinick And Knightman ( 2012 )

Portrayed By:

Nick Pedersen

According to Knightman, the villain´s nephew, Black Shopper killed Knightman and Killer Shot´s parents. He later became a feared member of the black market who sold weapons to thugs.

In the filmEdit

In Jsmboinick And Knightman, Black Shopper teams up with his nephew Dick Grayson Randalf, now the villain Killer Shot, to kill Knightman. After trapping Killer Shot, Knightman and Jsmboinick found the Black Shopper in an abandoned wasteground.

When uncle and nephew finished their argument, Knightman left a bomb where Black Shopper was, and the black market racketeer was finally killed in the explosion of the bomb.


Black Shopper, seconds before his death.


  • Black Shopper was created in a competition in which fans could create their very own villain for Jsmboinick 4. They could write down their thoughts in the comments below the video on YouTube or on this wiki. A wikia contributor had the Black Shopper idea, and his name appeared in the credits of Jsmboinick And Knightman.