002 ( or The Father in Jsmboinick ) was a secret agent working for MI8 and was the father of Jsmboinick. He was


Real Name:



Secret agent.



Dead MI8 agent


Walther P99

Apple iPhone 5



Wife ( deceased )

First Appearance:

Jsmboinick ( 2012 )

Portrayed By:

Nick Pedersen

only a minor character in the first film, but he was the protagonist of Jsmbonick: Cloudfall.

Stopping The Tear BishopEdit

002 was tasked with finding the corpse of a fellow MI8 agent, but his boss changed the mission. His new mission was to eliminate a Chinese villain called Tear Bishop and stop him from destroying all of Playa Blanca City´s districts. He was shot with a sleeping dart by Tear Bishop just after the briefing. 002 woke up in Tear Bishop´s base, and defeated his guard. Later on, when Tear Bishop was just about to set off the bomb, he fought Tear Bishop and executed him.

Later on, when 002 returned from "work" and changed into casual muslim clothes, his son Nick asked him why he was wearing a fake moustache and glasses. The father responded with: "Why don´t we go to Burger King?


After leaving Burger King, the father tells Nick about his dislike of pickles.


002´s final moments.

While on their way home, they bumped into a criminal with a gun. After telling Nick to run away, the father confronted the criminal. Not having his Walther P99 with him, 002 was shot and killed.

Nick, to avenge his father, became Jsmboinick, the protector of Playa Blanca City.